Wood & Drywall

wood and drywall

If you require repair work for wood or drywall, we can help. Be it wood panels, wall frames, patio covers, or any other wooden structure, we’ll fix it. If you need new drywall to repair holes, water damage or mold, we’ll fix that, too.

What we do:

  • drywall repair and texture.
  • replace and repair any drywall in your home and office. No matter if it’s walls or ceilings that need new drywall.
  • repair or even install and build wooden posts, wall and door frames, patio covers, wooden panels and boards.

Our wood working service also includes the repair of old and the installation of new baseboards and crown molding.

007 Handyman drywall service includes the repair or installation of the new drywall and the patching of it with joint compound. Since joint compound has to dry for about 24 hours before being painted, we’ll have to return the next day for sanding, priming and painting.